The Merced Breakfast Lions Club supports the following Activities
and Service Projects within the Greater Merced Area

We provide Eye Exams, Glasses & Hearing Aids for those individuals who cannot qualify through normal channels.

  • Eye Examination/Glasses Forms located  ►here

    Effective 9/2012, the Merced Breakfast Lions Club adopted the following policy:

    1. All referrals and applications for service will be submitted on the “Patient Financial Statement and Eye glass Examination Application form.

    2. Eligibility will be based on financial need and ability to pay.

    3. Services will be provided Primarily to those individuals under the age of 18. Eye service applications for adults will be considered on a funds available basis

    4. Applicants must be a Merced Resident for a minimum of one year.

    5. Applicants will pay a $25 co-pay to the provider of the eye examination. If no eye examination is needed, the $25 co-pay will be payable to the provider of the frame and lenses.

  • Hearing Aid Forms are located   here Local Contact: Lion Robert Faretta 209-722-5578

  • Eye Surgery Forms are located  here

    Eye Glass Collection Drop Off's

    Drs. Matthew & Jeffery Lee OD 708 W. 20th St. Merced, CA 95348 209-384-2333

  • Dr. David Baba OD 3178 Collins Dr. Merced, Ca 95348 209.383.1246

  • Dr. Paul Smith OD 840 W. Olive Merced, Ca 95348 209.384.2101

  • Save Mart – Olive & G, Just outside the South Door

  • (Note: Lions Clubs nationwide are responsible for recycling over 100,000 pairs of glasses per month into 3rd world countries.)

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