"Our club’s mission this year is to continue our 59 years of enthusiastic service to our community with a sharper focus on our numerous youth programs. The future is bright!”

                   Gary Eno, 2018-19 Club President    
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President Gary


 Click to find recycle locations There are a great many individuals who do lions projects, but do not realize they are lions!

Join Us Every Thursday Morning at 6:45AM - 7:45AM, in the Merced Community College Dinning Room.   A Great Way to Start your Day!

Directions to Merced Community College

Karen Taylor Good "Songs of the Lions - We Serve" is Here

Merced Leos Feb 2014 Food Bank Article is ► Here

50th Anniversary Cruise Photos are



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  • Nov 1st - Maria Vega Presents:
  • Nov 8th - Don Weber Presents:
  • Nov 15th - Ray Wenham Presents:
  • Nov 22nd - Dark - Thanksgiving Holidays
  • Nov 29th - Business Meeting
  • Dec 6th - Andrea Zimmerman Presents:
  • Dec 13th - James Zimmerman presents:
  • Dec 20th - Christmas Holidays
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