2017 - Lou Mondo

2016 - PDG Kent Christensen

2015 - Lion Celeste Sharp

Presented by Lion Ed Adkins  

I'm very pleased to announce that Lion Celeste Sharp is the Lion of the year for 2014-2015.

When Lion Celeste joined the MBLC about 3 years ago she made an immediate positive impact on our club. She became immersed in club activities and fundraising events.

When our club secretary went on to become our District Governor Celeste stepped up and took on what is arguably the most difficult leadership position in our club. Celeste has proven to be a hard worker and dedicated to learning how to be a successful club secretary. After her year as secretary came to an end Lion Celeste again volunteered to remain our club secretary for another year and continues to excel.

Lion Celeste has been a shining example of what we as Lions are all about...Serving our community.

2014 - Lion Ed Adkins

Presented by Lion Tamela Adkins  

It is extremely difficult to select one person for this award that so many deserve. At one point, a committee member wanted to honor two club members. The Lions Code of Ethics talks about many characteristics, but fails to mention altruism.

Altruism consists of sacrificing something for someone other than one’s self whether it’s your time, energy or a possession with no expectation of any compensation or benefit in return; but simply doing something for the betterment of someone else. This is a shining characteristic in our Lion of the Year 2013/2014 recipient. A member of the club since 2009, Ed Adkins has been active in many of our fundraising efforts and is always willing to lend a hand when he can. What Ed lacks in physical mobility; he’s not going to paint the cabin at Camp Pacifica or assemble the clubs float for the Christmas parade, he makes up for with his spirit of giving from the heart. He cooks for many events, has driven Marco up and down the state, and on occasion forgoes fishing to lend a helping hand. Ed’s spirit clearly supports the Lionism creed of “we serve.”

Please join me in congratulating Ed as the club’s 2013/2014 Lion of the Year.

2013 - Lion Tamela Adkins

Presented by Lion Gary Eno  

To Show my faith, To Seek success, To Remember to be loyal, To Hold friendship, and To Aid others, these are among the virtues extolled in the Lions Code of Ethics. This year’s Merced Breakfast Lions Club Lion of the Year, Tamela Adkins, embodies each of these traits and many more. 

A member of our club since 2009, Tamela held the position of 3rd Vice President for 2012-13 and is this year’s 2nd Vice President and faculty advisor for the new UC Merced Omega Leo Club. Besides her key leadership roles, Tamela is best known for her consistency. It is not always about pulling off a successful club project that adds value to our club, but the sum total of one’s service that really matters. Tamela is an enthusiastic participant in every project in which she endeavors.  

Putting the energizer bunny to shame, Tamela, in addition to her great Lions work, somehow manages to juggle a second career as the Support Services Manager at UC Merced, is finishing up her last year prior to graduating at UC Merced, and all the while continues to out fish her husband and fellow MLB member Ed on most of their fishing outings.  

Congratulations Tamela!  We honor you as this year’s MBL Lion of the Year and thank you for your service and valued friendship!


2012 – Lion Gary Eno

 By Ted Allen - 2011 Lion of the Year

With just over 3 years as a member of the Merced Breakfast Lions Club Gary has spent 2 years as a member of the Membership Committee and 1 year as the Chair of that Committee. Gary as been active in many of our fundraising efforts and is always willing to lend a hand. Last year Gary took over as our Club's Leo advisor. The Leo Club has about 175 members and meets every week during the school year. Under Gary's leadership the Leo Club became a supporter of the Medic Alert Program and one of its members was award Leo of the Year for MD4.

MBLC recognizes and thanks Gary for all his efforts on behalf of our Club, District and Lions International.

2011 – Lion Ted Allen

 By Dr. Dan Ikemiyashiro - 2010 Lion of the Year

Lion Ted has been a member of the Breakfast Lions since 1990. He was sponsored by Lion ???  He has served his club well as a member of the Board of Directors, Treasurer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Vice Presidents, and as President. He is a Harry Aslan Fellow and currently serves on the Lions District 4-A1 California Lions Camp Board of Directors and is its treasurer. Lion Ted is also our Medic Alert Chairman and has made quite an effort to coordinate that program with our local school district. He is always there to volunteer with our cooking projects or to be available where needed.

2010 – Lion Dr. Dan Ikemiyashiro

 By Lion Kent Floro - 2009 Lion of the Year

Dr. Dan Ikemiyashiro was sponsored by Past District and International Director of Lions Clubs, Pat Quigley, and joined the Merced Breakfast Lions Club in 2001. Dr. Dan has been a director, vice president and was elected President in 2005-2006 year. During his term in office, he earned the Harry J. Aslan Fellowship Award, sponsored by the District 4 Student Speakers Association. Dr. Dan is a great lion, always helpful during any of our numerous fund raisers – especially, the Cioppino Dinner, the Rigatoni Bowl, and the Firework Booth.

On meeting days, he will always greet you, shake your hand, and make you feel that you are the only person who matters. You could also say, “He has a great bed side manner”.

2009 – Lion Kent Floro

 By Lion Maria Vega - 2008 Lion of the Year

I am honored to announce the winner of this year's "Lion of the Year" award, is KENT FLORO.

This lion is a valued member to our club. This lion was not born in California, but born to the "Cornhusker State." He was born a very good baby who slept through the whole night. He grew up liking mash potatoes and gravy, but never dared feed him beets! This lion was almost the perfect child. Until one day, he thought he was Tarzan. He would swing freely from curtain to curtain at high school gyms. Till one day he got caught. He then pursued the life of a watermelon raider along with his football career. This lion is also an avid sports fan.

Each year at the officer installation dinner, our club recognizes a member of our Lions family with the award "Lion of the Year." One to two months prior to tonight's gathering, the three immediate past recipients meet to discuss and pick a deserving member. Important factors in the selection are a recipient's commitment to Lionism, their participation in our projects throughout the year, and their other contributions that make us a better club.

This year's winner of Lion of the Year has been a member of the club for over fourteen years. In those years, this Lion has held a number of key leadership positions within the club, including President, multiple vice president terms, and board member. This Lion, in addition to regularly attending our meetings, can be counted on each week to engage our group with his entertaining and humorous comments (I.e. the sports report). He also can be counted on to be a regular participant in club fundraising events. Furthermore, this Lion has provided invaluable logistics help for our club's events countless times over the years- by providing such things as printed materials, a P.A. system, a meeting room for our monthly board meetings, storage for our barbecue trailer, and a substitute home for our meetings when the college was closed. His commitment to Lionism, its values, and his community have been admirable.

Congratulations, Kent!!

2008 – Lion Maria Vega

by Lion Charlene Armstrong - 2007 Lion of the Year

The Selection of the 'Lion of the Year"is a very difficult process. I asked for selection criteria from several members detailing how prior winners were chosen.

The Criteria included the following:
1. Its purpose is to honor an individual who had contributed to the Merced Breakfast Lions Club in a significant way, and to the community as a whole.
2. Persistence, dedication, honesty and kindness of spirit.
3. The Lion of the Year Award is not a popularity contest.

This year's recipient and her husband Andy, participated in almost every club project. And she would often bring along her high school aged children to help out when they were available.

A part of Lion World is a Pride, and as a member of the Pride, I am pleased to present the Lion of the Year Award to Lion Maria Vega.

Thank You. You make this Pride proud.

2007 – Lion Charlene Armstrong

Lion Charlene was recognized at our annual installation dinner in July as “Lion of the Year 2007” for her many contributions to the club’s success. Charlene is the Chairperson of the Youth Exchange Program- contributing many hours as a host family, securing other host families, and also organizing and participating in the many activities and trips she plans for our international guests. In addition, she has taken a lead role at many of the club’s fundraising luncheons and dinners- helping tremendously with the decorations, serving, and meal preparations.

Thanks, Charlene, for your unselfish volunteerism.


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